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Recycling Program


“To provide quality services and supports needed to persons with developmental and other

disabilities living in rural McKinley County and Cibola County so that they have the

opportunity to live full and productive lives”.


Why Recycle?  The primary reason is people care about the environment; however, there are a few other reasons.  Some people recycle because they believe in leaving as small of a footprint on the environment as possible.  Recycling is a positive step in making less of an impression of your existence and more of a lasting effect on reducing and reusing products.  People who recycle typically take a conservative approach to most things in their lives and recognize that individuals can make a difference by sending less refuse to the local landfill.  Recycling is also an economical way to save money.  

                   "You can take pride in knowing you are playing an important part in protecting our

                                   environment and preserving our natural resources"   -Larry E. Alflen

   We provide the following:

  • Corrugated cardboard pick up service at company's location

  • Cardboard collection box for company's location

  • Flexible pick-up times



 For corrugated cardboard pick up,

 please contact us OR drop off

 corrugated cardboards at:

        ZEE/Empowerment Inc. Recycling

        604 E. Coal Ave.

     Gallup, New Mexico  87301

     (505) 863-7444

We are a Non-Profit organization that provides effective and comprehensive vocational training,

meaningful employment opportunities and needed independent living skills for developmentally

disabled adults within McKinley and Cibola Counties.

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