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Zuni Entrepreneurial Enterprises (ZEE)/Empowerment Inc. Personal Care Services are available to individuals 21 years of age or older who need personal care services in their own home.


We offer compassionate care for the elderly and persons with intellectual developmental disabilities. It is our goal to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of our individuals. We offer tailored programs specifically for the needs of each individual. Using this approach, we are able to provide lasting benefits for the entire family. 


Zuni Entrepreneurial Enterprises (ZEE)/Empowerment Inc. provides assistance for activities of daily living - ADLs.


Services include: Assistance with housekeeping, personal errands, meal preparation, and personal hygiene/grooming. 

Mobility Care includes: Bed to wheelchair transfers, pivot transfers, maximum assistance transfers and board transfers.

Walking Aids: Assist with guiding, walker, crutches and crane safe walking.  


Range of Motion Exercises: Exercises that target arms and hands, legs and ankles (sitting or on bed), and neck and trunk. 

Life is important; if you know a family member or friend who is disabled or elderly and are aware of how difficult it can be to get access to supports they deserve, please contact us.

Zuni Entrepreneurial Enterprises (ZEE)/Empowerment Inc. is a provider-based agency that provides honest care, respect and dignity.  

We proudly accepts insurance and private pay. For more information about Personal Care Services, please contact our office (505)863-7444.


For home care employment, please refer to Careers.

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